EduZone is cloud software that helps educators with day-to-day tasks and administration including student registration, student assessment and grading, mass and personal communication, online billing and payments, school and classroom management, student attendance, human resources, and much more.

School Management Features

Powerful and user friendly tools designed with schools in mind

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EduZone not only helps with day-to-day tasks but also helps improve and simplify administrative processes. Each EduZone feature is designed to streamline processes and routines necessary for successful schools and classrooms.

Powerful Alone. Better Together.

EduZone has a wide range of user-friendly tools designed with school management in mind. EduZone
multiole products that can be used separately or together. All EduZone are connected by
design, so you benefit from the seamless flow of information across all products.

Admin is school management software for modern schools. It comes with many functionalities like billing, payments, student registration, student profiles, lead management, class management, and much more. Keep reading below for more info!

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Teacher is a platform for teachers to communicate with their students, track their class attendance, and share class material with them. We’ve prepared a pool of learning materials they can pick from. Teacher is integrated with other products, which means you and your team will be in sync.

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Students can access their profile to see their invoices and payment history on Student. The same dashboard serves as a pedagogic center for communicating with the teacher and following the course materials the teacher is sharing with the class.

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Parents portal allows parents of one or multiple children to log in and track the progress of their children. The notes written by the teacher for each session, presence record, next class dates, homework and final evaluation results are live and transparent.

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Admin Integrations

Admin is integrated with some of the most popular apps and tools used in schools. This integration saves you time by connecting these apps to each other and enabling data flow seamlessly across your departments.