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As an international, multilingual education resource company, we open lines of communication among educators throughout the world. Just as children learn with differentiated instructional strategies, we recognize that adults also learn with varied instructional strategies. Whether you are seeking ideas for teacher professional development, curriculum planning, effective classroom management strategies, or instructional strategies for teaching, you will find it on EdGuru. With actual teaching videos, a discussion board, a marketplace, and a bookstore catering to the needs of educators worldwide, EdGuru has the tools and experience to help you achieve your goals and maximize your abilities…all in your native language! We are EdGuru, and we speak your language!
EdGuru Bookstore
A marketplace where you can purchase ebooks that meet your professional needs.
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EdGuru Marketplace
A teacher marketplace where you can share your activities and lesson plans in multiple languages and get paid when other educators download your resources.
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EdGurus Live
Unlimited downloadable, multilingual videos demonstrating best practices in education worldwide.
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The EdGuru EdGe
A multilingual monthly newsletter on current, relevant topics in education.
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Ask the EdGuru
A discussion board where you can ask questions and share ideas with practicing, aspiring, and retired professional, expert educators.
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EdGuru Translator
Get great rates on getting any book or eBook you have written and had published translated into the most read languages in the world.
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