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Frequently Asked Question

How is EdGuru different from other online professional development (OPD) platforms?

There are no OPD platforms that provide all the services EdGuru does. When you compare EdGuru prices to companies that have individual components, the cost for EdGuru products is much lower. Lastly, EdGuru products are built on sound, proven research to maximize the effectiveness of the participant learning process.

What are the benefits of using EdGuru Premier?

Empowering Principals and Teachers
EdGuru Premier Gold allows principals and teachers to choose which tasks to master to improve their professional performance. They can complete the tasks according to their time and busy schedules.

More Affordable
Compared to traditional professional development for teachers, EdGuru’s online professional development (OPD) courses are more cost-efficient.

Differentiated Professional Development
To achieve maximum effectiveness, EdGuru’s online courses are differentiated based on the educator’s’ specific needs.

Teachers can access EdGuru courses any time they want and still get the full benefit of professional instruction.

The content within the EdGuru OPD courses is updated monthly, so it is always relevant to current, effective teaching trends.

Technologically compatible
The EdGuru courses are designed to be compatible with all devices, which allows participants to learn on the go or from the comfort of their home.

Easy to Access
Since all resources of the EdGuru OPD program are on a cloud platform, participants do not need to download software to use the EdGuru platform.

Not Time Consuming
The EdGuru OPD courses are short but effective for maximum retention.

Exclusive Resources
The articles and videos created for EdGuru are made using an internal systematic process to create resources that are as unique as they are effective.

Computer Literacy of User Improves
Educators participating in the EdGuru OPD courses improve their computer literacy.

How often are resources updated?

Resources are updated monthly.

Can participants receive a report on their usage?

Participants are able to track their progress and generate certificates for completed resources.

Can participants be locked out for inactivity?

Once they begin a session, participants will have a specific amount of time to complete it. After a period of inactivity, they will be logged out.

Is there any software to download?

No software needs to be downloaded. All resources are housed on the EdGuru server in a cloud state.

What areas are resources created around?

Resources are created around the following areas to allow for across the grade level and subject area use.
Classroom management
Gifted & Talented
Learning centers
Multiple Intelligences
New Administrator
New Teacher
Special education
Student Engagement

Are the resources applicable to all educators in a building?

The resources are applicable to all educators in a building.

What system is there for teachers to apply their learning?

There is an action plan that participants can complete showing evidence of applicability for the articles or videos.

Can I select specific skills from the list to focus on growth?

Individual users can select any skills. You will be given access to all resources. The group leader or his/her designee can assign any resources to any members in their group.

Do users have to be computer literate to use the platform?

The use of the dashboard interface is very simple. Participants don’t have to have a high level of computer competency to navigate the resources.

How are the resources differentiated?

All resources are created to address the different levels from beginner to expert.

What training will be provided by EdGuru?

A certain number of hours are allotted to train all staff by an EdGuru representative by way of distance learning technology. Email and phone support will also be provided.

Can training be tailored to individuals?

Yes, training material is created to differentiate the levels from beginner to expert.

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  • Easy to Access
  • Not Time Consuming
  • Exclusive Resources
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