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EdGuru FAQs

Q1.How is EdGuru different from what is already out there?

Answer: There are no online platforms that provide all the services EdGuru does. When you compare EdGuru prices to companies that have individual components, the cost for EdGuru products are much lower. Lastly EdGurus products are built on sound proven research to maximize the effectiveness of the participant learning process.

Q2. What are the benefits of using EdGuru Basic?

Answer: Empowering Principals and Teachers It allows them to pick and choose which tasks they need to master according to their time and busy schedules can go a long way in improving their leadership skills without compromising effectiveness..
More Affordable Compared to traditional professional development for teachers, online professional development courses are more cost efficient.
Differentiated Professional Development EdGuru’s online courses are structured accordingly, and all platforms are differentiated for different level achievers for maximum effectiveness.
Flexibility Teachers who have a busy schedule can access the course anytime they want and still get the benefit of professional instruction.
Versatility The content within online professional development courses can be updated easily to stay relevant to changing and effective teaching trends.
Technologically compatible The EdGuru courses are designed to be compatible with all devices, which allow participants to learn on the go or from the comfort of their home.
Easy to access Since all resources of an OPD program are on a cloud platform, participants do not need to download heavy software to make anything work.
Not Time Consuming The programs are meant to be short but effective for maximum retention.
Exclusive Resources The articles and videos created for EdGuru are made using an internal systematic process to create resources that are as unique as they are effective.
Computer Literacy of User Improves Educators participating in online professional development improve their computer literacy.

Q3. How often are resources updated?

Answer: Resources are updated monthly.

Q4. How is usage monitored?

Answer: An assigned person for your company/organization will be trained on how to generate usage reports. They can be generated manually or set to automatically generate.

Q5. What funds can be used to purchase EdGuru Basic?

Answer: School improvements funds, Title I funds and in some cases discretionary budget line items can be used to purchase either program. We would suggest you meet with your federal programs director or person responsible for expenditures for your company.

Q6. How does an administrator know it is being completed?

Answer: Administrators can monitor usage manually or automatically.

Q7. Can users receive a report?

Answer: Users are able to generate certificates for completing courses. Only the assigned person for that company will be able to have access to generating over 120 different reports.

Q8. Can users be locked out for inactivity?

Answer: Users, once session starts, will be locked out after a certain amount of time of inactivity.

Q9. Can you take notes with a stylus?

Answer: You cannot take notes with a stylus but you are able to type from and traditional keyboard notes you feel to be important about the video. This is then bookmarked.

Q10.Is there some type of discount offered?

Answer: We do offer discounts for multiple licenses. Just email and state the number of licenses you would like to purchase. Include in the email your contact name, position and phone number.

Q11. Is there any software to download?

Answer: No software is needed to be downloaded. All resources are housed on the EdGuru server in a cloud state.

Q12. What areas are resources created around?

Answer: Resources are created around the following areas to allow for across the grade level and subject area use.

  • Assessment
  • Classroom management
  • Differentiation
  • Gifted & Talented
  • Learning centers
  • Literacy
  • Multiple Intelligences
  • New Administrator
  • New Teacher
  • Research.
  • Special education
  • Student Engagement
  • Technology
  • Other

Q13. Are the resources applicable to all educators in a building?

Answer: The resources are applicable to all educators in a building.

Q14. Who will have access to generating user reports?

Answer: A designated person will be assigned the role at your discretion within your building/organization to have the capability to generate reports. An EdGuru salesperson will thoroughly train the chosen designee.

Q15. What system is there for teachers to apply their learning?

Answer: There is an action plan that participants must complete showing evidence of applicability for the articles or videos. Participants must also take a quiz connected to the videos.

Q16. Can I assign individuals specific skills from the list to focus on growth

Answer: You can assign viewers specific skills for them to focus on.

Q17. Do users have to be computer literate to use the platform?.

Answer: The use of the dashboard interface is very simple. Participants don’t have to have a high level of computer competency to navigate the resources.

Q18. How are the resources differentiated?

Answer: All resources are created to address the different levels from beginner to expert.

Q19. What training will be provided by EdGuru?

Answer: A certain number of hours are allotted to train all staff by an EdGuru representative by way of distance learning technology. Email and phone support will also be provided.

Q20. Can training be tailored to individuals?

Answer: Yes, training material is created to differentiate the levels from beginner to experts.

Q21. What is EdGuru Basic?

Answer: EdGuru Basic consists of online professional development resources.

Q22. How do I know the resources are useful?

Answer: A course effectiveness score is generated for all resources by participants. Once another participant logs in, they can see how a resource they might be interested in, is rated by other viewers.

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